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What is the RLPS NUMBER & Why Do I need It ?  The Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System Example : 19A-NPER-SER-007852  is a number issued only by the TABC . This number is used to process all Server Permit Classes. This number is issued by the State and Processed by Instructors in order to obtain server permit.


Do I have to have this number before coming to class or taking an online program ?  Yes !   We use this number to process your class.


Can I get my RLPS with my cell phone ?  No !   The RLPS system does not work well with mobile devices . For Best results , apply and register through the rlps from a computer ( Desk Top or Lab Top ) The rlps work best with Internet Explorer Browser.


Im not a U.S. citizen can I applyIf you are a non-citizen , you will need a green card . You will need to upload the front and back of your green card .  


Do I need I.D. to apply ?  Yes !   You will need a Goverment issued Document  ( Driver License , State I.D. , U.S. Passport etc.)  


How much does the RLPS number cost ?   $20.00  , you must pay with a credit or debit card Visa or Mastercard


What if I lose my login credentials ?   Call the help desk at the TABC (615) 562-2297  - We do not have access to their system              









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    Server Permit Training is a State of Tennessee Certified Alcohol Awareness Training Program

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