YEA !!! I'ts Finally Here. Server Permit Online Training Class. Lets get started . Carefully read all instructions below . ENTER COURSE


    This course is (3.5) Five hours long. You can not fast forward through this course. Don't worry , our course is user friendly . Please be advised you must have an

    RLPS number before taking this course. The RLPS number is issued to you by the TABC. If you do not have this number . Go to our menu on our

    home page , select the tab that reads RLPS . We have instructions to lead you to the TABC website to obatain the RLPS number . This number is very

    important. We process your class with this number.  EXAMPLE : 24A-NPER-SER-000000 . After we process your class , the TABC will issue you a (5)

    year permit,  providing you've satisfied all the requirements to obtain the permit & your eligibility to obtain it as well.  The TABC will issue to you a (5)

    year permit via email. They will send you a notification that your permit is ready  to print. Please give them time to process the permit.



    Instructions :

    1) COURSE ACCESS :  Click on the blue link below that reads " Enter Course Here "

    The login page - Create a user name and password. Please write down your password , just in case you have to log in and out of our program.

    EXAMPLE : username:  jane   password: doe    The username and password does not require letters/capitals/or numbers its not case sensitive.

    You can use any combination of your choice as long as another user does not have the same log in credentials.


    2) GENERAL FIELDS:  Make sure you fill in all the * red asteriks fields. All information must be accurate . The information that you enter in on this page is

    the information that will print out on your certificate of completion at the end of class. " WE CAN NOT CHANGE IT IF YOU MISSPELL YOUR NAME "

    After entering your information , press submit , then you will be on the payment page.


    3) PAYING FOR THE COURSE:  We take all major credit cards via PAYPAL. Pay Pal is a merchant . You do not have to have an account with them to

    take this course. Select the blue pay pal button at the bottom of the payment page. this will lead you to  paypals  system to pay for course access.

    Once you are in paypals system , select the gray button at the bottom of the page that reads " pay with debit/ credit "  Select that button then pay.   After you have paid .  You will have access to the course . Your  credit card statement will show a payment to responsible wine vendor . Important : We do not accept charge backs and refunds once you have completed the course. If you have an issue before completing the course , make sure you contact our office (615) 499-6540 .

    4) ACCESS TO THE COURSE YOU ARE IN :  Once you pay , you will have access to the course. Start by pressing the yellow online course the course will

    begin. The course is designed to move you through . Please be patient , this course is (3.5) hours long ( as per the law ).  You can not fast forward through .

    There are 4 parts .  The course is written on 5th grade level ( You CAN NOT Fail - Its too easy ) This course is  designed for you to retain the informaton to be successful on your job. There are no tricks or games in this program. Its easy as 123 . No one has failed. Hint : Once you get in just follow the yellow brick road . Dont be nervous - Our program is easy. Take the program. Take the test , and print your certificate. Thats it !  "We will process your class immediately"

    Remember the acutal permit is issued by Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission  . The TABC is the only govening body that issues permits . Thats why its important that you go to their website to obtain your RLPS number before taking our course. The RLPS information is how we will process your class.

    Ok - Lets get started  Click here >>>>>>> ENTER THE COURSE